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Bruchsal Palace

Construction of Bruchsal Palace originally started at 1720. The Palace consisted of 16 buildings, which have been separated from each other for safety reasons: The idea was to prevent the whole Palace from burning down in case of a fire. The idea was brilliant. However… On 1st of March 1945, just two month before the end of World War II in Germany, a British bomber heading for Mannheim (~35-40Km further north of Bruchsal) discharged its load over Bruchsal. Some of the bombs hit the Palace directly. Destroying most of it’s structures. What was left fell victim to the fire that followed the bombing. After the smoke cleared Palace Bruchsal was completely destroyed.

Reconstruction of Palace Bruchsal started in the 1950s. The most recent parts have been finished 2006. However, only those parts that were documented could have been restored. Some chambers still remain empty because the knowledge how they originally looked got lost.

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