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Castle Ruin at Feldkirch Tosters

The castle ruin in Feldkirch Tosters is one of those places only the locals know about. Tourists rarely find or visit it. Mainly because there’s the Schattenburg, another castle in Feldkirch, which is in a much better condition and easily accessible by car.

There’s not much known about ruin. Tosters, by the way, is a district of Feldkirch, a city in the western Austrian state of Vorarlberg.

The castle was originally build by the count of Montfort around 1260 and destroyed during the Appenzell war on 25. November 1405.

It was rebuild around 1408. The last recorded reconstructions date back to the early 16th century, at which the main gate was relocated to the castle’s south corner.

Unfortunately the castle was left for decay at around 1616. The remaining of the castle’s keep were renovated 1838/39. The walls were renovated between 1974 til 1980. The ruin is in a very desolate state.

Visit the Castle Ruin at Feldkirch Tosters

You have a nice view over to Schattenburg, the landmark of Feldkirch. If you’re in the area, be sure to visit it. Schattenburg houses a little museum that shows various aspects of medieval life, historical weapons and and one of the biggest collection of medieval locks. For sure worth a visit.

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